The book that disappears


June 29, 2012 by Vicki

Have you heard about the book that disappears? If not, check out the Fantasy blog which describes the process and the marketing department’s reasoning.  Now I have to ask, what do you think about this new gimmick? Personally, I do not like it at all. I own books that were my grandfather’s and treasure them all the more because of their history. I like reading and rereading the same novels over and over and over again. They become close friends and advisors. I know what book to read if I’m depressed, in need of a laugh, or want spiritual guidance. With this process, I won’t be able to do that if the book is printed with this ink. The scary part is that the publishing business is a business. If it sells then they will use it.

From a marketing perspective, I can even understand the logic. Stores advertise “One day only” sales because they know we will be energized by something we might miss. Human beings are strange creatures. We claim to want free will. Yet, we are more likely to act when told we won’t have it if we don’t. Even if we don’t want it. That’s not free will. That’s letting ourselves be told what we want and when we want it.

We seem to be a society of procrastinators. We will put off doing whatever we can put off doing. This includes buying and reading a good book. We all have bucket lists of books that we want to read but haven’t yet. Instead we read the latest thing. We read what our friends or family are reading. We read what our book clubs tell us to read. Remember Oprah Winfrey’s Book Club. How many of her books became bestseller’s due, in large part, to her support?

Now, I am not innocent of this behaviour myself. I have a bucket list but most of the books on that list I’m not sure of. For example, I really would like to read more Margaret Atwood. She is a fantastic author and some of her stories really appeal to me. However, her books tend to be difficult to get into and I always seem to find an easier book to read instead. Many of the books that I have talked about on this blog found their way onto Oprah Winfrey’s book club including Eat, Pray, Love.  I have a friend who works at Coles. She will frequently recommend books to read and I will read those books before reading books that have been on my bucket list for ages.

What I really want to know is what do you think about the disappearing book? If you want more information, itt has also been reported in the Los Angelos Times website.  Is it a reflection of our time or just a marketing gimmick that won’t be used again? Would you buy a book made with this ink? Why or why not? Personally, I wouldn’t because I like rereading my books. What is the point of buying a book that I can’t go back to?  But that’s just my point of view. What’s yours?

One thought on “The book that disappears

  1. Lerris says:

    They’ll use it, for the same reason the RIAA continues to think suing its customers instead of embracing digital distribution is a good idea.

    Corporations are interested in one thing and one thing only, making money. Why sell a product once if you can sell the same thing more than once?

    The publishers will do this, and they’ll shoot themselves in the foot, and never know why, because on paper, in a board room it seems like a great idea. They don’t think of us as people, or even customers, we are consumers. Another equation. They can sell books, so obviously if it stops being a book, they can sell you another one.

    You won’t get a choice either (or at least not much of one.) It’s not like the latest book by your favorite author is going to be for sale by more than one publisher. You’ll have the choice to either buy it, or not read it. Or, and I think this is far far more likely to happen. You’ll download an E-book, and since you already got screwed attempting to pay for it, you won’t bother paying for your E-book either.

    I’d never buy one of these, and I think most people like me wouldn’t either. For a very simple reason. I like books. And one of these travesties stops being a book.

    I threw out an old couch to make room for more bookshelves, and I’ve already run out of shelf space and am back to stacking books wherever.

    I like Books, I like reading old books, I like the smell of a room full of books. I like the look of a full bookshelf with a riot of color across it from the spine art.

    Most importantly, I like to actually own something when I buy it.

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