Pink Is Not A Dirty Word


September 10, 2012 by Vicki

I am proud to be a woman. I enjoy being feminine in the way that I act, dress, and behave.  I enjoy using pink pens to write down my “TO DO” lists and my ideas. Pink makes my To Do List something I can identify with as mine.   I like to put silly bows and things into my hair. They make me laugh when I see myself in the mirror and they make those I care about laugh as well.   I enjoy reading romantic stories like Bridget Jones Diary and Eat, Pray, Love. Both taught me about being a woman, being in charge of my own life and yet still falling in love. I like to have a long hot bath and read before I go to sleep. I like wearing skirts and dresses occasionally, although I could not wear all the time. They get caught in everything.  I enjoy wearing a wide variety of necklaces and earrings. What necklace and earrings I wear often reflects what mood I am in and what I want to accomplish that day. I love to have giggle fests and enjoy being super-hyper. (I have, in the past, been banned from jelly beans. They make me too hyper.)  I love being with children and animals and generally, both children and animals enjoy spending time with me.

Yes, I like Tinkerbell too.

None of the above means that I am less than a man. Nor do they suggest that I should have less voice or fewer rights. They also do not lessen my actions and stance as a feminist. All of the above characteristics combine to create part of my character. My character and my actions should speak louder than what I wear or the colour of my pen.  I can be uniquely female and still be a part of the human race with equal rights and value. For advertisers to target my desire to be feminine is a strategy to make me spend my money. Making a product pink so that women will buy it does not make an advertiser sexist. Pink doesn’t make me less.

and neither does this ladybug push pin

I hasten to remind everyone that Pink used to be considered a boy’s colour. According to Wikipedia, from the 1920’s to the 1940’s, pink was traditionally considered for boys as it was a stronger colour, while the delicate blue was dedicated to the girls. Societal ideas about the colour pink changed under a hundred years ago, so please spare me the pink debate. We have to be careful that in our efforts to be politically correct, we do stifle individuality and uniqueness. We should not forget that the sexes are different. Neither sex is less than or evil but both sexes have differences. We should appreciate and highlight those differences not try to hide them away. Obviously, in today’s world, gender has become broader than simply male and female but even that reflects difference not judgement.  I don’t care how you identify yourself via gender; you are still my equal and I am yours. We both have the right to express our gender as part of our identity.

7 thoughts on “Pink Is Not A Dirty Word

  1. Kate says:

    You go girl!!! I like pink, always have, and am even now getting fond of purple. They both make me feel warm,pretty and happy

  2. Bryony Bates says:

    It’s fine for you to buy pink things, but personally it’s the way that anything that is marketed to women is made pink that I find insulting. Manufacturers and advertisers assume that all women like pink, which isn’t true – we all have different tastes, obviously. Liking pink pretty things is not intrinsic to being a woman.

    • Vicki says:

      True, and I agree with you but not all guys like black or blue either. Is it sexist when advertisers assume they do and sell them as “For Him”? All advertising uses gimmicks and the use of “pink is for girls” is just that. . . a gimmick. Advertisers can only appeal to the general as they don’t know us all personally.

      • Bryony Bates says:

        I know a lot of guys who find ‘for him’ advertising insulting as well. I don’t know, there is a certain degree of infantilisation about the whole thing. Pink used to be a colour for little girls, not grown women.

      • Vicki says:

        Yes, and that is every advertisers dream: that we will all fall in line, like little children at school, to buy their product. I agree that advertising itself is insulting. I just don’t think that advertising is only insulting to women. I don’t have cable at home because the ads irritate me too much to make cable worth it. However, I also believe that the majority of the population knows advertising is geared to make you buy the product. Thus, the choice whether to buy the product or not is yours. Personally, I buy based on what I like, and I believe that everyone does the same thing.

  3. dmblackwolf says:

    marketing is about repetition and manipulation, company use census and research data to find out what appeals to the majority and they hammer it home, company’s don’t make money off of individuals they make it off of the herd, the “unwashed masses” as it were so if the majority of there target herd likes say for example pink for a colour and its also found they feel it make then feel like its for them then they will use it to the most devastating effect and the will ignore the nay Sayers until the majority changes. The only way to fight it is to change the majority and well that’s a long and hard fight that I believe would be better spent getting equal pay and equal body rights rather then equal colour rights, that can wait till after the big stuff is handled

    just a personal opinion from a guy that thinks big

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