What is Dieting?


September 18, 2012 by Vicki

I have decided that I need to diet and lose some weight. I did not decide to lose weight to attempt to look like the girls on the magazine covers. I decided to lose weight because I am concerned about my health at my current weight. My fiance recently suffered a cardiac episode which the doctors link to his weight. This scared me into realizing that we need to change our lifestyles and diet.

The difficulty arises from my overwhelming chocolate and sugar cravings. Honestly, they can keep me awake when I am trying to go to sleep. They make me bitchy as all hell and absolutely no fun to live with. So my question that I put out to my readers is what is the solution? I’ve tried eating fruits but they only help so far. I’ve tried only having moderate intake of chocolate and sugars but my idea of moderate is way off the scale. If it’s in the house, I have come to realize, then I will eat it.

Also, what diet is safe and healthy to follow? We have tried Atkins and it made both of us feel sick. I have tried Slimfast and never lost enough to make it worthwhile. Right now, I am focusing on just removing the crap: pop, chocolate, candy, chips, cookies, etc. Beyond that, I confess to being stumped. What is the deal with exercise? Some people tell me that exercise won’t help you lose weight. Others tell me that it is essential to exercise in order to lose weight. So what’s the correct answer?

Why do we have so many myths surrounding diet? Are we really so obsessed by body image that we have to create myths to support the obsession? I understand that the human body can only healthily support a certain amount of weight. It makes complete sense to me. I don’t understand why we have creaated an entire establishment surrounding diet. I also fear that the movie Wally is correct and we will eventually all become blobs on wheelchairs with no awareness of what is going on around us. Any input to these questions would be greatly appreciated as I start again on that famous merry-go-round that is dieting.

9 thoughts on “What is Dieting?

  1. Tina says:

    I have a naturally high meaitolbsm, so I have always eaten junk and not cared. However now I am almost an adult, and I realize that I cannot continue to eat this way without becoming a diabetic or get a heart attack or something terrible. I am 126 pounds and 5’6, so weight is not a problem. It’s just my eating habits. Also, I’m skinny, but I’m not fit. So I’m looking for an exercise and eating program that would help me eat right, because I need structure, otherwise I will just buy junk and eat it. Seriously, I need help! This is an example of my daily intake of food (please be warned, it is grossly unhealthy):- breakfast: don’t eat it. i don’t get hungry til after 9 at sometime, and i’m not a fan of breakfast foods.- snack: at school i get hungry, so i will eat the granola bar from my lunch, and often buy a bag of chips from the vending machine. i also drink 2 juice boxes.- lunch: my mom typically packs me gross sandwiches, so i will buy another bag of chips, or not eat.- after school: i’m starving. i often buy a large bag (like full size, typically people only buy for groups) of chips to snack on throughout the rest of the night. i will finish this before i go to sleep. i also get a litre of coke to drink, i finish by bedtime also.- supper: subway sandwich, mcdonalds, a w, wendy’s. something convenient. if i go to subway i get a 6 inch sandwich and chips with pop, if i go for fast food i usually get a burger and fries and pop. a w i get poutine and a root beer float.- night time: finish off chips and pop. Seriously. I need help.

    • Vicki says:

      Ah, life as a student is always a fun time to try to start eating healthy. I am also a major snacker so I hear you. Try substituting water instead of pop or if you’re like me and can’t quite swing that. . . try switching over to your favourite juice or iced tea. Watch the sugar and sodium but generally those are better choices. Also try grabbing an apple or celery instead of chips or going with the rice cakes which are high in sodium but not quite as bad for you. These are just some layman suggestions; I strongly suggest speaking to a dietician for more appropriate suggestions. I have an appointment with mine and I hope she will be able to help me balance my schedule with eating better and healthier.Plus, if you’re athletic then you have to weigh that into consideration as well. You would need more carbs and more proteins than the non-athletic types like me. Don’t be too hard on yourself; you are healthy so you have the ability to make the adjustments small and easy to cope with.

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  3. RM Luffman says:

    First of all, I’m appalled It’s WALL-E!

    Okay, now I’ll get off my high horse.

    Dieting is one of those things that varies from person to person. Some people’s metabolism just works a little differently, some people have underlying health issues that contribute to what they can/should eat. Some people are allergic to vegetables. Okay, so maybe they just eat like they were…

    Some people gain weight when stressed, no matter what they eat or don’t eat. Some people lose weight when stressed, no matter what they eat or don’t eat. Some people naturally or purposely have a high fibre diet that helps to make them feel full and pass waste quickly and efficiently.

    Some people think cutting out all other junk except that ‘one thing’ is the way to go. For others, it’s Fad diets. Some people drink more and eat less. Some people stop eating dessert. Some vie for low carbs, and some for less sugar. Most people do not realise that building muscle mass actually increases your weight, so depending on how their work out is structured, they’re right, they won’t lose weight. But that’s what you get for being obsessed with numbers.

    Here’s the part where you’re going to accuse me of getting back on that high horse.

    The one thing that every diet needs to succeed is will power. Go ask the strongest, most determined people you know how they’ve lost weight and they’ll give you a line that seems so simple that you just want to grab them and shake them.

    When all else fails, go with routine. Find a way to make dieting/exercising part of your routine.

    However, speaking as one of those strong, determined people who has managed to lose weight and keep it off (so far), I can also attest to the fact that sometimes you’ve got to try a few different things before you find what works for you. I’ve been struggling with my weight for the last two years. Often, my weight gain was related to a decline in my mental or physical health. Now that I’ve finally got both of those more or less in hand, Ta da! Started at 175lbs and I’m now down to 161 in 80 days.

    Bottom line. Dieting is not a myth, its just a boat load of misconception.

    • Vicki says:

      Speaking as someone in the middle of dieting, you are absolutely, completely right. You have to make it a habit and break bad habits which can be the hardest part. I am a die-hard snacker and training myself to snack on healthy items instead of the traditional cookies, Smartfood, and chocolate bars is just about breaking my heart. Also, different people have very different metabolisms. I hadn’t considered stress as a factor beyond the traditional “If I’m stressed, I eat” which is very true for me. I have also discovered that certain foods have a direct impact on your moods. Before I started dieting, I would drink between 4 to 6 large glasses of pop a day. When I started dieting, I went cold turkey and sank into depression so fast I didn’t know what was happening. My depression didn’t lift until I had a glass of pop. So, YAY! for addiction and here’s to me trying to find a way to cut down on pop without it depressing me. So far, I have been balancing it fairly well. It helps that I removed some of the elements that had been causing stress in my life. Wish me luck?

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