Good Bye 2012


January 8, 2013 by Vicki


A new year has arrived, and it is time to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new. Before welcoming the New Year, I would like to investigate how far I have travelled with my Action Plan. When I first created my Action Plan, I set the deadline of January 1, 2012. I need to review my Action Plan and see how well I managed to achieve my resolutions and goals. The last two months have been chaotic and demanding. Things have definitely changed in my life and will continue to change in the New Year.


 1. Be Vicki

I have successfully maintained this resolution. I have learned a lot about myself in these two months through forcing myself to be me. I know I have more to learn but it is exciting to discover who I really am and what I want to contribute to the world.

 2.Be Happy

I have struggled with this resolution. Overall, I have had a happier outlook on life. I have, however, struggled with depression due to certain events in my life such as familial disputes and financial concerns. I need to find a way to balance the good with the bad so that the negative events do not effect me quite so strongly.

 3. Just Get Up and Dance

I have successfully maintained this resolution. I have broken many of my depression through activity and music. I think I need to reword this resolution a little bit for my next action plan so it is a little closer to the process.

 4. Let Go of the Past

I struggle with this resolution almost every day. Christmas time is perhaps the most difficult time to let go of the past. Everything reminds us of people who have passed on and many of our traditions are based on the realities of the past and are no longer possible in the present.

 5. Be Honest (even when it hurts)

I have successfully maintained this resolution. I am honest to myself about myself. I am honest to other people about how I feel about things. I am finding that honesty really is the best policy, ironic as that may be.

 6. Make my own decisions

I have successfully maintained this resolution. I have discovered it is more about what decision you make on your own and what decisions you refer to others as much as it is about making decisions. Sometimes, you need the input of others to fairly determine the correct action. The trick is to know what I have to decide on my own, as I am the one who has to live with the results.

 7. Find and Pursue My Interests

I have successfully maintained this resolution. In the past two months, I have explored and discovered new and old interests of mine. I need to keep this resolution on my next action plan although reword it to reflect my current position regarding my interests.

 8. Cultivate Family and Friends

I have not been successful at this resolution. In the course of these two months, I regained and lost a friendship that had been very important to me. I have to accept that relationships end whether I wish them to or not and people grow and change in different ways.

 9. Don’t take Shit from anybody

I have struggled with this resolution. As I stated in “My Confessions”, I have difficulty determining what is shit? I think I will remove this resolution from my next action plan as I think it is covered by “Being Vicki” and “Being Honest”.

 10. Don’t Drift (Fantasize instead of Living)

I have been successful with this resolution. Most of my fantasizing now is used for my fictional writing. I do my best to live in every moment. I do need to learn to stop obsessing though.

 11. Be More Creative

I have been successful with this resolution. My blog, Dream Mirrors, is now a creative writing blog where I share my fictional writings and my thoughts on the writing process. I also created a perfect gift for my mom for Christmas, which I enjoyed creating and she will enjoy for years to come.

 12. Cut out all activities that I do not enjoy

I have been successful at this resolution and not slid back into bad habits since “My Confessions.”

Resolution Review

Out of twelve resolutions, I have successfully maintained eight and struggled with four resolutions. Most of my problematic areas seem to center around how I interact with other people. I think I need to learn to relax and just let things be as far as my relationships with other people. I have a group of good friends who have stood beside me through everything. I should appreciate what I have and let go of what has passed.


 1. Weigh 240lbs by Christmas

I did not achieve this goal. Between my mom’s birthday, my birthday and Christmas, my diet kind of went out the window this December. OOPS?

 2. Search for and Find Employment

I struggled with this goal. I have tried freelance writing and discovered that it simply does not pay enough to be worth the time and effort. If I had a reputation, I could charge more. Instead, I have had a couple of encounters with scam artists and have decided that I do not have the personality to handle that behavior. I wish to write about what I care about and gain employment through my own writing. I have to figure out how to make money doing this.

 3. Start Researching what I am Passionate About

I have achieved this goal. I have started researching Wicca, Classical Music, and Writing. I think I am going to expand this goal in my next action plan to include more activity-based goals.

4. Make Bi-Weekly Posts on all 3 Blogs

I have achieved this goal. I have been steadily posting on both Dream Mirrors and Boudica Books. I have decided that “Living on the Ark” only requires one post a week as it is more of a fun blog. I am thinking about shutting it down so that I can create a blog that is more reflective of my interests.

5. Write 1 Hubpage a Week

I have not achieved this goal. I have written one hubpage in the last two months. I am determined to start writing more Hubpages in the New Year.

6. Maintain and Cultivate Relationships

I have struggled with this goal. I have maintained my existing relationships but have not successfully cultivated new relationships.

7 Wake up by 8 am every Work Day

I have not achieved this goal. I have been struggling with insomnia for the past month and have been up until 3am most nights. I need to find a solution for my insomnia so I can regain my normal schedule.

Goal Review

Out of seven goals, I have achieved two goals. Ouch! I really need to work on achieving my goals and plans. I am not going to go over my plans as they are reflected and repeated in my goals.


For my first Action Plan, I successfully achieved most of my resolutions but struggled with my goals and plans. In 2013, I need to work on my actions reflecting my goals. I have also found several resolutions and goals that I need to rework to accurately reflect my life’s situation. Life is always a work in progress. Good Bye to 2012, may 2013 be a better and more productive year.


2 thoughts on “Good Bye 2012

  1. RM Luffman says:

    You’ve made some tremendous strides towards progress. Good for you, Vick 🙂 *hugs*

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