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March 26, 2013 by Vicki

carnegieGood Morning Class and welcome to your first day in “Canadian Feminism 101”. I have discovered that I do not have a good understanding of Canadian Feminism. On several occasions, my lack of knowledge has resulted in my making assumption that was corrected by my readers. Consequently, I have decided to create my own introduction to Canadian Feminism and share it on this blog. I will start this project with an open mind and no assumptions. I hope to gain a better understanding of Canadian Feminism and the way it continues to affect Canadian women today.


Cover of "Edible Woman" As literature has always been a primary element to Boudica Books, I will study the main Canadian Contemporary Feminist writers. I shall start with Margaret Atwood and her novels as they have always fascinated me. I shall read each of her novels in chronological order and explore their contribution to Canadian feminism. (Don’t worry; I will still be posting my review of Margaret Laurence’s The Diviners on Friday. I look forward to exploring this novel with you as I found it both disturbing and enlightening.)The first Margaret Atwood novel is The Edible Woman and I will post my exploration of this novel on April 12, 2013.


Woman-power symbol (clenched fist in Venus sig...In correlation with my literary reading, I will also explore the history of Canadian feminism. I strongly believe that you have to understand the past in order to fully grasp the present. The history of Canadian Feminism has been delineated into three “waves.” I understand that the “Wave” theory of Canadian feminism has been criticized for ignoring significant occurrences within the French and Native spheres. I shall attempt to learn about the entirety of feminism within Canada. As I delve into the issues and historical moments in Canadian history, I will explore their impact on our lives today.


Louise Weiss along with other suffragettes in ...

Louise Weiss along with other suffragettes in 1935. The bold text on the newspaper reads THE FRENCHWOMAN MUST VOTE. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Despite my new “Feminism 101” focus, I will still discuss everyday life for women as well. Everyday life is the true affirmation of the status of women in our society. The magazines that we read contribute to our image of ourselves. How we behave during dates can reveal how we view ourselves and the opposite sex. All of the issues that currently face women have been influenced by the Canadian feminist movement. I will also continue to discuss current events that have relevance to women today. 


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