Why Men Hate Women: A criticism


April 9, 2013 by Vicki

woman-with-speech-bubble-mdWhy do Men insist on blaming their own issues on others? I thought men took responsibility for their actions, emotions and behaviours. In this post, I am reacting to an article that ran on entitled “Five Ways Modern Men are Trained to Hate Women”  Now, I realize that it is and therefore, not to be taken seriously. I do find, however, that men actually believe these excuses that the article outlines. I will try to summarize and criticize these excuses in the post below.

5. Society promised them a “Hot Girl”

Keanu Reeves at The Lake House London premiere

Keanu Reeves at The Lake House London premiere (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The article basically argues that since the media constantly portrays heroic men winning the girl that all men believe that they are entitled to “get” one. Not only are they “owed” a girl but a “Hot” one. At some point during childhood, we do learn the difference between reality and make believe. I believe the usual age is around twelve years old although every child is different. According to this article, all children with a penis never do learn the difference. My first reaction to this argument is “Grow Up.” My second reaction to this argument is that slavery is illegal in the civilized world so therefore no one can be “owed” a human being. Even if you are in a relationship with a woman, you do not own said woman. If you ever act like you do own her; she will probably leave you. My third reaction to this argument is to accept the premise that we all live in a fantasy world. Do any of these men, whom the article is targeted at, look or behave like Keanu Reeves or Harrison Ford? Judging by their other articles, I would say not. According to their own logic, they do not deserve the girl because they have never EVER been considered a Messiah.

4. Women Owe it to Men to be Pretty

beautiful woman with long legs in red dress

Since the media portrays women as attractive, therefore all women must be pretty. The article goes on to describe how men are angered by women who are not attractive and assume that any woman who is not attractive has no real function in society. My first reaction to this repeats the slavery statement. My second reaction is disgust and horror at the comments copied into this article describing a Supreme Court Justice because of her appearance. I hate to break it to the male population; but women were not created to decorate your lives. We have minds and souls of our own and we intend to use them. My third reaction is “yes, she has more power then you ever will and she will never EVER let you see her naked. GROW UP!”

3. My Penis controls Me

Apparently, men all suffer from an obsession with sexual gratification. They can’t help thinking about it; they can’t help acting on it; and  that means women can destroy them. Women are the desired receptacle for this obsession. Women, therefore, have power over men because they control the sex. Men hate the fact that women have this power and this causes them to hate women.

boyMy first reaction to this is we have all seen the little boy who can’t take his hands off his penis but I always assumed that was a stage. To rephrase: Grow Up! My second reaction is that this is the worst argument made about men. Conservatives try to tell us that feminist are the worst thing that has ever happened the male gender. No, the argument/belief that all men are completely controlled by their penis is the worst thing that could happen to the male gender. My third reaction is that this article has no concept of the real world. If women could control men by their penis’s then there would be no abused women. Not only can we not control men by their penis, but we don’t want to, at least the majority don’t. We have our own lives that we want to live. We would like the men to be present for our lives as well.

2. Women took away my Manhood


Chimpanzee (Photo credit: Dhammika Heenpella / Images of Sri Lanka)

Apparently, according to this article, women supervisors and feminists have taken away a world full of cigars and bad jokes where men are allowed to show their penis’s to strangers and pee in public. In today’s world, men are civilized human beings right? I mean they have functioning brains and a higher level of reasoning then just instinct, right? Cause the above description makes me think of Chimpanzees not human beings.

1. Men feel Powerless

To sum up, men are powerless because everything they do is to ensure that they can have sex as often as possible. They spend all of their time obsessing about boobs, butts and when they are going to have sex. If this is true, I strongly recommend that you seek a highly-trained doctor because you have a serious mental issue.


One thought on “Why Men Hate Women: A criticism

  1. […] wonderful it is that they exist and how much we appreciate them for who they are. Women would be judged by their own merits not their physical appearance. In a perfect world, men would be horrified at the idea of their […]

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