Prostitution and Me


April 23, 2013 by Vicki


tearIt is wrong to objectify people. To objectify a person means to make an object out of a person. Only objects can be sold. Therefore, selling a human being is objectifying a human being. Prostitution sells people. Prostitution takes a human being and makes them into a sexual object. A “client” buying a prostitute only cares that she is sexually available. I do not understand why prostitution is not illegal. (Prostitution is not illegal. Communicating or living off of the trade is illegal.) I thought the purpose of laws was to protect its citizens from those who would wrong them?


CanadaI understand and agree that the current laws in Canada only act to harm prostitutes. They increase the dangers that sex workers face and make it impossible for them to seek assistance. I recognize that making it illegal to sell sex on the street corner only increases the selling of sex behind closed doors. I fear the age of those being sold drops dramatically behind those same closed doors. I feel sick that, according to Wikipedia, there are about “10,000” children working as prostitutes in Canada. When these numbers exist, how can we talk about legalizing “bawdy” houses?


child abuse

child abuse (Photo credit: Southworth Sailor)

I do not believe that it is a person’s right to enter the sexual trade. When a person is ill; we seek to help them through medicine or therapy. We know most sex workers enter the trade due to low self-esteem, or a previous sexual assault. How are they not also ill? Why do we not seek a treatment? I am not talking about HIV or any other STD. I am talking about thinking so little of yourself that you voluntarily turn yourself into an object for money.


No child should ever think that they want to become a whore. The fact that Ontario has legalized bawdy houses horrifies me. What lessons does this teach our children about the value of their bodies and their self-hood? What horrors do we allow with this law that we hide behind closed doors and “it’s the oldest profession in the world.”


I read about the abuses suffered by recovering sex workers and I shudder. I cannot imagine living like that. I cannot imagine how you would get out of bed every night and face another round of such horror. I do not know the answer. I know a large part of the problem is how sexualized we have made our world. When we use sex to sell everything; it is not hard to imagine selling sex. When society judges a woman based on her appearance, not her achievements or education, then she has already lost part of her person-hood. Society has already objectified her. It is not a large step from making the object to selling the object. We want a return on our investment after all.


Embrace worldIn a perfect world, prostitution would not exist. We would teach our children, both male and female, how wonderful it is that they exist and how much we appreciate them for who they are. Women would be judged by their own merits not their physical appearance. In a perfect world, men would be horrified at the idea of their mother, sister, or daughter selling themselves for money. They would realize that any woman is a mother, sister, and daughter. We do not live in a perfect world and we have a very long way to go before we will.


(I have provided links to articles with more details. Please follow these links. Only through education and understanding can we hope to find a solution.)





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